Teacher of the Deaf Elaborations to the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers

NAATD has worked with AITSL to create the Teacher of the Deaf Elaborations to the Professional Standards for Teachers. This document seeks to clearly articulate the unique skills and knowledge of qualified Teachers of the Deaf in addition to those of  our Mainstream peers.

This document has served four main purposes :

  1. To be used by Teachers of the Deaf to review their own development against those in this document and plan future professional learning needs.
  2. To guide performance reviews and professional discussions between Teachers of the Deaf and managers who may not be from the field.
  3. To act as a guide for universities that offer post-graduate programs focusing on the training of teachers involved in the education of Deaf and Hard of Hearing children  develop and evaluate their coursework.
  4. To act as a guideline for employing authorities to follow in the employment of teachers. These Elaborations outline the skills and knowledge that NAATD believe are required by teachers who are employed to work as Teachers of the Deaf.

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